Every day. 1000 decisions every day. Going to the grocery store: big box saves me money, local shop sponsors the kid’s soccer tournament. Ingredients from overseas or support local. It’s hard to find Alberta pineapple. Ethically raised, locally sourced, certified organic, no added hormones, non-GMO, cruelty free, lactose free, vegan, vegetarian, gluten friendly, new and improved, less salt, bonus pack. What does it all mean? What is important to me? No wonder it feels like I could explode.

Here are some values woven into our products.

Fairness to animals and people.
Health for animals, people and our environment.
Quality, simple, unprocessed* food

*bacon, ham, sausage and burgers have ingredients other than meat such as salt and spices. Everything else has only been cut.

We are not the cheapest, not at all vegetarian and we don’t have everything you need in one stop.

But don’t take our word for it. Come here and see it for yourself. See if what we are doing aligns with your values. Let’s talk about how we can do better, and find ways to act.