We raise grass-fed, Alberta Angus beef.  But before it becomes that, it is an individual animal.  For some, beef is a commodity.  We need the animals  to pay some bills for sure, but to us they are living, breathing creatures that share this world with us.  Our animals are our partners in business, with their own role to fill.  While they area in our care,  they are treated with respect, compassion and admiration.  They are our companions here, and keep us company.  It would not be out of the ordinary to see a kid chatting to their buddy, giving a scratch, parading around.  We know what their fate is, which is to us all the more reason to make sure the days they do have here are good ones.  Our animals are raised for money, but we get more than that out of them.  Watching  something grow and thrive is good for our souls.